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Hey MotorSports Mafia family! We are happy to announce that we have teamed up with Just Track It who will be having their HPDE weekend right behind our Track Attack FAST FRIDAY event on November 3rd. We, along with Just Track It, want to offer our customers $50.00 off each event when you register for both events. So that means $100.00 off the entire weekend! Save big, go fast, and most of all HAVE FUN!

If you haven't signed up for either event yet, email both companies on the same email and let us know you'll be signing up for both. We will get you hooked up with your discounts!

If you have signed up for one of the events already, shoot the company you haven't signed up with yet an email and we will get you your discount code.

We are super excited to offer this to everyone, and hope that we see you all for all three days! This is going to be a BLAST!!!

Here are the emails for MSM and JTI:

Email Michael for MotorSports Mafia at

Email Nabil for Just Track It at

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