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MotorSports Mafia Track Attack FAST FRIDAY Fall Event Recap

Hey Mafia!

Our FAST FRIDAY Fall Event was just that, FAST!!! We had a small group this time out but that's okay. The few that made it had a full eight hours of open track time to test their cars and hone their skills as drivers, and we did just that! Here are the winners of the trophies this time out!

FAST LAP - Thurmon Allen took the checkers with the fastest lap of the day at a blistering 1:12.4 in his Radical. Thurmon is a HPDE enthusiast and this was only his third time in the car. He shaved off a ton of time throughout the day and edged out Koby Timms in his C5R Corvette to take home the FAST LAP Cup! Well done, Thurmon! We have a feeling you'll be sub 1:10's next time out!

POINT BY CHAMP - Sal Jimenez took home the PBC Cup event though he didn't point a single person by all day. He just had the lowest horsepower car so we gave him a hard time by giving him the cup! Sal is one hell of a driver and really knows how to wheel a Legends car. He is just fun to watch out there!

MEATBALL CHAMP - This award goes to none other than Michael Gallagher, owner of MotorSports Mafia and pilot of the 45 Late Model. It only took 8 laps for his clutch to go kaboom into the brake markers in turn one. Needless to say, it was an early day for him as he was just getting things warmed up! Better luck next time, Mike!

YARD FARMER - This event's Yard Farmer award went to Koby Timms in the 13 C5R Corvette. Although quite a few went off throughout the day, Koby went full send looping the car two full times on exit of turn three and narrowly avoiding the dirt wall! After a clean pair of underwear, he graciously accepted his award!

We also had quite a few people come out to check out our Hot Lap Experience. Needless to say, they were not let down as there were more smiles to the gallon than you can shake a stick at! Participants got to ride with Michael in his C7 Corvette and experience speeds nearing 150 mph and pushing the car through the turns with some massive G forces.

The team at MotorSports Mafia would like to thank everyone that came out to join us for the this fall event. Our next event is Friday January 5, 2024 at RRR. We can't wait to see everyone there. Keep your eyes peeled on the website and social media channels for Christmas discount codes. Who wouldn't want track time under their Christmas tree!?

Until next time, Mafia!!!

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